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The Guadalupe County Republican Women is an essential part of the Republican effort in Guadalupe County. GCRW increases the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active political participation. 
GCRW 2023 10.26  SAM HALL FLYER.jpeg


Robin Walker - President
Julie Dahlberg - 1 VP
Glenda Leyton - 2 VP
Barbara Durham - co-3 VP
Norma Colunga  - co-3 VP
Penney Hill - Treasurer
Anne Costas - co-secretary
Norma Colunga - co-secretary
Julie Dahlberg - Legislative Reporter
Jennifer Farmer - Campaign Reporter
Molly Kelley - Caring for America
Kelly Follis - Parade&Event Coordinator
Fonda Mathis - Webmaster
Karen McMillan - Registration

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